We are Veteran Owned & Operated

Some Gyms Aren't For Everyone. This One Is.

We are Veteran Owned & Operated

Our Story


We are CrossFit Bonnie & Clyde; a certified, specialized gym that offers a wide variety of training experiences. Through twenty years of experience in the service of our country in the USAF as a firefighter, co-owner Clint Jordan brings something to CFBC that is unique and different. Clint brings an opportunity to train with a true war hero; someone who has been deployed seven times to help defend our country... someone who, while deployed, has established several "functional muscle" training facilities at our United States military bases overseas. Clint has also been in charge of programming and facilitating military group physical training courses throughout his military career in order to help keep our military service men and women in the best possible shape for our country.

As a member and competitor of the National Physique Committee, co-owner Lisa Vazquez also brings something to CrossFit Bonnie & Clyde that is unique to CFBC; she brings an entire section of the gym specifically dedicated to body building. As a body builder herself, Lisa has dedicated approximately 800 sq. ft. towards the home for the Six-Stack Combo Jungle Gym; a lat-pulldown, seated row, leg extension, standing bicep/tricep, and curl station with a cable crossover machine... the only CrossFit gym in town who can also meet your isolated lifting needs. CrossFit is not just strictly functional muscle and Olympic lifting training... there is also an importance in the CrossFit world to train isolated muscle groups as well, in order to enhance your overall muscle growth.

What Makes Us Truly Stand Out

 Specialized Programming

CrossFit Bonnie & Clyde has invested the time and money to make sure you get the most out of each workout. There’s no “winging it” at CFBC. Each class is carefully planned to follow our General Physical Preparedness curriculum so participants can leave feeling refreshed and motivated.

Our Competitive Pricing

Our gym’s number one priority is help as many people lead a more active and healthier lifestyle without the exorbitant membership fees. We have some of the lowest rates in town and offer several different memberships plans ranging from the hardcore athlete to the casual CrossFitter.

We Give Back to the Community

We are truly grateful for those who give back to the community as well. We show our appreciation by offering free  PT sessions to our military and even dedicate certain class times to our Marine Recruit Training. We also offer discounted rates to our servicemen, first responders, & teachers. 

Functional Exercises Designed for Everyday Life
Workout of the Day

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Who We Help



Whether you are a new recruit preparing for basic training or a seasoned soldier, we have designed very specific workouts to better prepare you for the rigors of military life. As a former AirForce PT instructor, Co-owner Clint Jordan has extensive knowledge and experience in military physical fitness.

Crossfit for Everyone

  Just Want to Work Out 

CFBC is very dedicated to the health and wellness of our community. If there is an interest for classes outside our normal class schedule, especially from our corporate neighbors or military spouses, we will most certainly work with you to create a schedule that best fits your needs. We can program shorter, boot camp style classes for our corporate neighbors so you can be in-and-out in an hour.


The Competitor

Looking to up your fitness game to a whole new level?  CrossFit Bonnie and Clyde offer intensive world-class training for the elite athlete.  Whether you are training for Olympic weightlifting, National Physique Committee competitions or want to compete in competitive CrossFit Competitions, CFBC will make sure you are at your personal best.


Meet the Coaches


Clinton Jordan

AKA "Clyde "- Co-Owner

Through twenty years of experience in the service of our country in the USAF as a firefighter, co-owner Clint Jordan hopes to bring his expertise and leadership in military physical training to the rest of the community.   His passion is people and fitness. Through hard work, dedication and compassion towards people, he hopes, to help make CFBC a place where EVERYONE can come to reach their goals and feels comfortable calling it “Their Gym”.

Favorite Movement- All of them (except rowing and wall balls, I wasn’t blessed with long arms or legs….)


Lisa Vazquez

AKA "Bonnie "- Co-Owner

As a member and competitor in the National Physique Committee, co-owner Lisa Vazquez brings the knowledge of isolated lifting and nutrition to CrossFit Bonnie & Clyde. As a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Lisa programs isolated lifting programs and personalized nutrition plans to help you further your fitness and wellness goals here at CFBC. While she prefers bodybuilding, Lisa does CrossFit as well.

Favorite Movement- The Clean and Push-ups.


We have a 5/5 star rating on Yelp and Google


We have a 5/5 star rating on Yelp and Google


Nutrition Tips
Coach's Corner
  • Our facility now offers massage therapy.
Nutrition Tips

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Coach's Corner

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