What Makes Our Facilities Unique

Gym Appearance and Environment – AIR CONDITIONING!

CrossFit Bonnie & Clyde is not your “typical” CrossFit gym,  From the simplest touches that set us apart such as our reclaimed wood walls and floor trim, to our more advance touches such as turf for indoor sled pushes and CENTRAL AIR CONDITIONING, we value the comfort of our members.  We have made concerted efforts to keep our environment clean, comfortable, and welcoming to our members. This is not your grungy CrossFit type gym (although we like to get sweaty).

Kids room-  Dedicated are for the kids with toys, TV (Netflix) and a huge chalk wall. Parents are able to hear and see their kids while they work out, but the kids are kept separated.  


crossfit gym
crossfit gym equipment

Our Equipment – The Six Stack Cable Machine – Meeting your Isolated Lifting Needs

Aside from our 2000 sq. ft. of CrossFit space, we have incorporated and additional 800 sq. ft. of Isolated Lifting space, to include a six-stack cable system to meet your ISO LIFTING NEEDS!  Our Six-Stack Cable Jungle Gym made by Legend Fitness, is almost a complete gym in itself, featuring six workout stations. This machine combines four of the machines with a cable crossover system to provide a piece of equipment that you can build a whole-body Isolated lifting workout around.  Here's a rundown of the different stations:

  • Cable Crossover: For a variety of ground-based upper body exercises.
  • Multi Press Combo: A two-way bench w/ a multi-angle bar for flat/incline bench presses.
  • Leg Extension/Curl Combo: A quad and hammy burning station.
  • Lat Pulldown/Row Combo: Exchanging one snap link for another is all it takes to switch between two excellent back exercises.
  • Bicep/Tricep Combo: Smooth pulley action both above and below.
  • Multi Grip Pull-Up Bar: At least three different grip positions and a handy anchor point for bands/suspension systems.

At CFBC we understand that CrossFit is not just strictly functional muscle or Olympic lifting training... there is also an importance in the CrossFit world to train isolated muscle groups as well, in order to enhance your overall muscle growth.

Our Nutrition Package and Meal Prep Services

In attempts to promote overall health and wellness to our members, CrossFit Bonnie & Clyde offers a personalized nutrition package with the opportunity to have your meals PREPARED FOR YOU through our partnership with Sexy Beast Meals.  Co-owner, Lisa Vazquez, a NASM certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist, will program a nutrition plan specific to you and your fitness goals. Your nutrition plan can then be given to Shannon at Sexy Beast Meals who will cook, portion, and deliver your meals to you based on your nutritional needs from your meal plan!!!

Our Partnership with O’Dell Body Works and NextHome Realty Advisors

O’Dell BodyWorks

In even FURTHER attempts to promote overall health and wellness to our members, CrossFit Bonnie & Clyde has an IN-HOUSE Licensed Sports Massage Therapist!!!  Amanda O’Dell Metz, owner and therapist at O’Dell Bodyworks, has her office conveniently located RIGHT INSIDE CFBC! Amanda offers preventative maintenance, pain relief, and overall body wellness using deep tissue massage, sports massage, myofascial release, and cupping!  As a member of CFBC, you will receive discounted service rates, first access to special deals, and FREE in-house mini-sessions during selected Saturday Team WODS or gym events. For your sports therapist needs, please contact Amanda of O’Dell BodyWorks at 443-617-3107 or email her at Odellbodywork@gmail.com.  You may also visit her FaceBook page to message her to schedule an appointment at https://www.facebook.com/AmandaometzLMT/.

NextHome Realty

NextHome Realty & Fitness For Free

Co-Owner Clint Jordan is also a realtor with Next Home Realty. Here at CFBC, we offer FITNESS FOR FREE!! When you buy or sell a home using Clint as your realtor, you will receive a 1-year FREE membership to CrossFit Bonnie & Clyde. If you REFER someone to Clint who buys or sells with him, YOU will receive a 6-month FREE membership! A $1,200 gift... no other realtor or gym can offer that!!!