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Specialized Programming Group Crossfit

Group CrossFit classes at CFBC are all led by a qualified CrossFit Level 1 instructor. Each class consists of a very specific session of mobility, stretching, and focused warm-ups; followed by a very structured workout preparation session that is built specifically to make sure everyone is completely warmed-up and familiar with the necessary movements for the upcoming WOD. We use our warm-up and prep. time for both the athletes and the coaches to work together and find the correct weights, movements, and scaling options to make sure everyone is safe, working within their limits, and hitting the intended stimulus of the workout. We follow GPP (General Physical Preparedness) programming which steers us clear of any biases (strength, gymnastics, etc.) and ensures we focus on total fitness. The methodology of the programming allows everyone to complete all workouts and give 100% of their best efforts to the workout of the day. Our coaches are given lesson plans prior to every workout so there is no freelancing and they all know exactly what the workout stimulus is to be achieved. We will hold you accountable, and you can hold us accountable, as your coaches, to make sure we provide you with the best one hour of your day!

QuickFit 30-minute Group Crossfit

Ever feel like your afternoon coffee break just doesn't cut it? Exercising for a half hour during your lunch break could be the difference between a 2pm slump and a productive afternoon; and a couple of pant sizes too!

Come check out QuickFit @ CrossFit Bonnie & Clyde!

QuickFit classes are: 

  • 30 minutes long - that's it!
  • 12:15-12:45pm 
  • Group-led by a certified fitness coach
  • Conveniently located near your workplace
  • Strategically programmed to burn MAXIMUM calories in MINIMUM time
  • Equipped with showers - to get you all cleaned up and back to work within your lunch hour
crossfit bootcamp


CrossFit Bonnie & Clyde Bootcamps are strategically programmed to burn MAXIMUM calories in a short amount of time.  Our goal is to provide a facility and programming to help you reach your goals. We aim to help get you fit and healthy, to challenge your mind/body, and to make “Fitness Great Again”!

  • Indoor/Outdoor Workouts.  We have a perfect open area in the back parking lot of our gym that provides a great space for open outside training.  Colorado is no stranger to inclement weather showing up at any time, so our facility works as a perfect second spot to work out if the weather is an issue and we cannot be outside to enjoy our beautiful state.
  • Energy.  Boot Camp classes bring a different level of energy and comradery then most fitness classes.  They are designed to be done as a team, with everyone from the trainers to the members helping to push each other to their greatest potential.
  • Exercises.   Boot Camp combines a lot of different modalities to make sure everyone gets the most possible out of the class.  It is a combination of cardio, strength, muscle endurance, mobility, flexibility, core work and functional movements.  With Boot Camp you get everything (except the barbell, if you want that come to our CrossFit Classes).
  • Time and Metabolic Burn.  Our classes are specifically structured to finish in 60 minutes.  You will participate in a 15 minute warm-up so your body is ready to start training. After the warm-up, it is go time for a solid 45 minute high intensity training session
  • Never Plateau.  At CrossFit Bonnie & Clyde’s Bootcamp, we utilize the principle of muscle confusion. The same workout is never programmed twice.  Why is this important for you and your growth, because with constantly varied workouts, your body will never adapt and you will NEVER PLATEAU!!!  You will get the results you want in a very short amount of time. You will continue to see results for as long as you continue to come to class!!!  

Family.  Whether you come to CrossFit Bonnie & Clyde for our Boot Camp classes, or our regular CrossFit Classes, you will immediately notice the support everyone gives to each other.  We have a small gym feel which allows all of our members to feel like family. Don’t take our word for it, come check us out and join the best fitness community in town… let us help “build a better you”!


Here at CFBC we HIGHLY RECOMMEND all new members, regardless of fitness level or athletic background, attend our Foundations Course, which we think of as “CrossFit 101.″  Foundations consists of 4 group training sessions where new athletes learn CrossFit’s nine basic fundamental movements, along with gaining knowledge of our philosophy, workout regimen, and fitness safety.  There is a 5th (optional) Saturday Nutrition 101 class (as we all know, you can't outwork a crappy diet).  As with our everyday classes, each Foundations class attended can be scaled and tailored to you as an individual even though you are in a group setting.

military PT

Military Group PT Sessions

Co-owner, Clint Jordan, is a retired Air Force Fire Fighter who deployed over seven times in his career.  He built three functional fitness training facilities in different deployed locations and was in charge of Squadron-, Flight-, and Unit-level physical fitness programs.  He has an extensive background in programming for military units. He has taken what he knows about the military PT requirements and the rigorous demands of deployments, and molded it with his understanding of CrossFit’s functionality to put together a perfect training session model for our military community.  CFBC offers free Unit/Flight PT sessions programmed by Clint. We can hold up to 20 members per session, please call in advance and speak to Clint about setting one up for your team.

In addition, CFBC extends beyond its four walls into the military community by attending on-base events to further educate and promote health and wellness within our community.  CIint, along with his partner Lisa, also understand that health and wellness also incorporate nutrition; therefore, CFBC has partnered with Sexy Beast Meals, a meal-prepping service, to offer custom (to your taste-buds) pre-prepared meals to our military service members.  Shannon Smart (retired Army), owner and chef of Sexy Beast meals, works alongside Lisa (CFBC’s Fitness Nutrition coach) to create personalized nutrition plans, prepped and delivered to you because we understand living the military life (especially those service members still living in the dormitories) can prevent access to the necessary equipment in order to prepare healthy meals.  To receive more information about meal-prepping services through CFBC and Sexy Beast Meals, please contact Clint or Lisa at CFBC at 530-844-2559 or email us at OR email Sexy Beast meals at and visit their Face Book page at


Personalized Nutrition Plans Building Bonnie's and Creating Clyde's

Many of us have one thing or another we want to change about our bodies or our lifestyles.  Most often, the only thing holding us back is NOT KNOWING WHERE OR HOW TO START.  CrossFit Bonnie & Clyde help can help!!!

Building a Better You - Building Bonnies & Creating Clydes was born out of the pure desire to help our community in ALL areas of their well-being.  Showing up to the gym on a consistent basis is a HUGE STEP in the right direction; however, it is only part of the battle.   

To shed even 1 SINGLE POUND you need to create a “deficit” in your daily routine.  For example, if we are eating on a 2,000 calorie per day diet, about 20% of that can be burned off through proper exercise routines – 400 calories.  THE REST of our calories, 1600, need to be metabolized appropriately through our diet.

The reason dieting is so much more effective than exercise is because it takes A TON of activity to create the calorie deficit needed – we’d have to work out practically all day to create enough of a deficit to lose weight.  We can’t do this, we have lives, jobs, families, obligations; like SLEEP, for instance.


With your monthly membership “Body Transformation” add-on package you will receive the following:

  1. A nutrition plan created for and tailored to your specific transformation desires and goals.
  2. Bi-monthly “check-ins" to track progress.
  3. Weekly nutrition plan monitoring with any major or minor dietary changes made to your plan happening over the weekend (so you have enough time to shop and meal prep for your next week’s meals).
  4. Constant access to feedback – just one text away.
  5. A start-up “Body Transformation File” consisting of baseline photos and body measurements.
  6. Weekly BTF updates tracking your transformation progress ????

Personal Training

We have different types of certified trainers (CrossFit, ACE, NPC-experienced competitors).  Please call to discuss what your goals are so we can match you with the best trainer for you.  Our general CrossFit classes are kept to a smaller number so our instructors are able to provide a lot of one-on-one instruction during every class.  But if there is something more specific you need, we can help.

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